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In 1999, I was announced as the DJ of the month on Norway's national radiostation, NRK Petre on the program "Stift", with the mix: "Delicious".


I have played at clubs like; Que, Pure and Miami Club in Oslo, Norway.


I also mixed the music for the shortfilm "Enter the Violence", shown at the shortfilmfestival (10th - 15th June 1999) in Grimstad, Norway. The same year at the Amateurfilmfestival in Oslo, the movie also won a diploma.


The movie is about how easily violence can occur and the consequences in real life. In the movies, violence looks cool, but the reality is something else.


The film is in two parts where the first part is fiction and the other part is a documentary of Margit Lømo that was hit by a violent episode. Margit Lømo is currently head of the National Association of Crime Victims in Norway.


Original version: Enter the Violence






















Language: Norwegian

Subtitles: None

Duration: 21 min.

Production year: 1998

Format: Hi8

Written, produced and directed by: Tony Kay Koloski


Watch the short movie "Enter the Violence" on YouTube